E1 Electric Scooter

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E1 Electric Scooter






The Electron E1

Electric Scooter

What a beautiful piece of machinery this is. Anyone who rides the E1 becomes instantly hooked on it. 

The E1’s specialty is zipping through traffic and getting you around town quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly. With zero emissions, the E1 charger can be plugged into a standard Australian powerpoint.

With an electric motor, it means that the operating costs are minimal! Less moving parts & less vibrations means there’s fewer things that are likely to go wrong. All this equates to cheaper servicing costs. The best part – we can come to you for service & repairs!


  • 2000W Rear Hub Electric Motor

  • Top Speed: 55km/hr

  • Range: 50-100km

  • Weight: 73kg with battery

  • Battery: Lithium Ion

  • Charging Time: 4 hours from 0%

  • Front Wheel Security Lock 

  • 2 Keys

  • Storage underneath the seat

  • Reverse Function

  • Front Suspension

  • Frame: Aluminium

  • Speeds: 3

  • Rated Loading: 150kg

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Colours available: Black - Founders Edition

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